TI-EDC Paracord Survival Bracelet with Adjustable Stainless Steel Shackle for Outdoor, Size Fit for 7 to 8 Inch Wrists

Brand: TI-EDC
TI-EDC is a US registered trademark. We specialize in high quality Titanium and other metal made products. We attend to every detail from a user's perspective and strive to make the most beautiful and highest quality product. That means 100% user satisfaction – period.

TI-EDC Survival Bracelet Features
Adjustable size: Can be adjusted to 3 different sizes (8.1"/ 8.4"/ 8.6"), fit for those with 7-8 inch wrists comfortably.
Paracord Length: This bracelet can disassemble to a 8.7 feet long 550 paracord, with 7 Inner Strands (Inner yarn over 50 feets.)

What TI-EDC Survival Bracelet can help you.
Build a shelter
Repair and secure equipment
Keep food away from wild animals
Strong rope (350 spec)
Make splints
Make Tourniquets
Make a fishing line or gill net using the 7 inner strands (over 70 feets)
Make snare traps
Mark your trail
and much more

Author: lesbar