Survival Bracelets,Multinational Outdoor Emergency Paracord Bracelet,Flint Fire Starter, Compass Emergency Whistle & Knife, Scraper, Rescue Rope,The Ultimate Tactical Survival Gear

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Outdoor Emergency Survival Bracelet Paracord Bracelet Mountain Climbing Bracelet Compass Whistle Multi-purpose Hand-woven Rope
Material: polyester
Total length:22 cm (8.7 inch)
Loop Diameter:7cm
Rope Diameter:2.25-2.3cm

Scraper/Fire Starter:The scraper works as a fire starter( need scraped way past the paint ), used as a Cutting items as well
Compass:The Build-in compass feature provides easy safety for navigation while travelling, it needs to be open the bracelet for best accuracy. metal scraper located so close to the compass would make that nearly useless.
Whistle:The built-in whistle is clear and loud to be heard from miles away Paracord bracelet is the best Survival Assistant,can be disassembled as rope to use for building tents, making traps,drag car and other first aid survival situations (rope about 3.5m to 3.8m long),the Paracord is corrosion resistance and anti-aging
Portable outdoor first aid gear paracord bracelets,can wear on your hand wherever you go,also can put in your bag,waterproof compass embedded in the buckle provides easy safety for navigation while travailing; Built-in whistle can be used for signaling help.

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