Survival Bracelet Paracord Military Bracelet Buckle Tool Adjustable Rope Accessories Kit, Fire Starter, Knife, Compass, Whistle,For Fishing Gear Supplies, Hiking Travel Camp( 2pcs), (black,green)

The green and black adjustable survival bracelet paracord tool with fire starter, compass, whistle and knife for women and men, youths.
the survival bracelet buckles kit for kids with light for men knife for women men wemen kid girl with compass .the survival bracelet with fire starter kids knife.
The survival bracelet for kids no knife cheap with knife.the survival bracelet with fire starter buckles kit for kids with light for men knife for women men women kid girl with compass.
The 2 pack survival bracelet in water Supplies army lock,and the survival bracelet Adjusts to fit smaller wrists as well as accommodate larger hands.

Important Note:
Compass can not be close to the magnetic, mobile phone, metal, iron, magnetic objects compass and compass close to each other will interfere.what is more, plug buckle open, compass is more accurate
APPLICATION: Fire starter works well- sufficient to start a campfire with petroleum by saturated cotton balls or dry tinder.
Useful in all kinds of situations in the wild.
Washing line to dry your gear by the fire.
Substitute for broken shoe laces.
Make a shelter. Fishing line. Snare trap.
Make a tourniquet to reduce blood lost.
Mark your path to avoid getting lost.
Sewing material.? Secure a splint.

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