Quick Heat Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Quick Heat Rechargeable Hand Warmer

I know most of you use disposable hand warmers when it gets cold out.

Stop. Using those for cold weather is a Big No-No.

Here’s the reason:

Disposable hand warmers usually die in 12 hours. That means they are a huge waste of money, and putting them in a survival kit adds needless weight.

Fortunately, we just created a brand new survival tool that replaces disposable hand warmers forever. 

Just 1 of these new tools will replace 100s, if not 1000s of disposable hand warmers. 

Imagine how much money that’ll save you!

But you won’t just save money if you buy it.

This tool will also help save your life.

When used with our cold weather TACT Bivvy emergency sleeping bag, it pumps out enough heat that it could keep you from freezing to death and winding up in a morgue… 

It’ll also help keep frostbite at bay…

And if needed, you could even use it as backup Free Power! 

On the following page, you’ll see a video showing you how it works. 

And I’ll give you access to an exclusive deal on this tool that you can’t get at SurvivalFrog.com.

Check it out here. 

Author: lesbar