Paracord Planet Paracord Survival Bracelet Project Rainbow Combo Kit with 100 Feet in 10 Colors and 10 Buckles

Spend your Time on a Fun Paracord Project without the Expense of just one color!

-These Combo Crafting Kits are great values for any situation
-They consist of anywhere from 30-200 ft hanks at various colors of 550 Type III Commercial Grade paracord and all sets include FREE buckles
-Each paracord hank comes in 10ft sizes and can hold a minimum force of 550lb
-Type III Commercial Grade parachute cord (almost identical to the Mil-Spec without the higher prices)
-It has a core of seven inner strands surrounded by a nylon cover with a minimum breaking strength of 550lbs
-Great for camping, crafting, hiking, military, survival or any outdoor adventure!

Author: lesbar