Outdoor Travel Mountaineering Bracelet – Compass, flint, Rope, Knife, Survival whistle Five-in-one survival equipment

Product specification
Size:The bracelet is 23cm long,2.5cm wide,Umbrella rope 3 meters long
For people:Men, Women, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Mountaineering, Explorers

Product Features
Compass: to help you navigate outside.
Cutting rope knife: can be used to cut ropes and other supplies.
Survival whistle: convenient assistance in special circumstances.
Umbrella rope: Umbrella rope diameter 3 mm, single rope tension is about 220 kg. The total length of the umbrella rope is about 3 meters. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, anti-aging and so on. It can be used to make weapons, make traps, stop bleeding and fix tents in an emergency.
Flint: Scrape the protective paint on the magnesium stick, select the dry flammable material, scrape part of the magnesium powder with a rope cutter and place it on the flammable material. Then use a cutting rope knife to quickly and vigorously wipe the magnesium stick until it hits. Mars.

Author: lesbar