NEW-Vi Adjustable Paracord Survival Bracelet, Tactical Emergency Gear Kit Includes SOS LED Flashlight,70% Larger Compass Loud Whistle and Fire Starter-Outdoor Hiking -Set of 2 (Black)

Everyone can get into an unexpected emergency situation. In outdoor activities like camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing, it is always best to be prepared. So why not be prepared without even needing to think about it before going on your journey? With this NEW-Vi 6 in 1 Paracord Bracelet Survival Kit, you will always be prepared!

➤1. Paracord bracelet : 12 feet/3.8 meter Parachute Cord with 7 core – The 350lbs/140kg strength paracord multiltool bracelet can be unwound to be used for a variety of survival situations.
giving you better piece of mind when securing tents, hammocks, hanging heavy objects and much more!

➤2. SOS LED Light : It's key to rescue and recovery in the darkness! The LED Light can flash or just stay on, illuminating your way to safety or rescue.

➤3. Rescue Whistle : Sound area within 500 meter.You can audibly signal for help from rescuers nearby.

➤4. Fire Starter : Usefulness of Fire, Cook food, Sterilize tools and utensils, Light up the night, Repel bugs, Keep warm, Deter predators, etc

➤5.Upgrade Compass: A waterproof compass to maintain your sense of direction even in heavy rainy days

Author: lesbar