2PCS Survival Bracelet, Outdoor Survival Paracord Bracelet Kit with Compass, Whistle, Knife, Flint Fire Starter for Camping Hiking Fishing Running

What is this

The paracord bracelet is a survival toolbox you can wear on your wrist


-The great survival bracelet will be your best choice for camping, hiking, fishing and more outdoor activity

-Starter can be used for hundreds of fire starting in all conditions of raining, windy, cold, water resistant

-Crafted with 550 lbs paracord, grated same as parachute cord, it will replace your shoes laces, replace a broken zipper pull,
tie down other survival equipment on backpack, make a tourniquet, make a snare out -of internal strands, lash logs together for a raft,
make a bow drill for throw stones, tie sticks to make a splint, tie items on the top of your car, tie up an emergency sheiter, make a leash for a dog

-Comfortable wearing and easy using, even for first using for a person

-7 colors for your option, blue, military army green, black, brown, orange, army camouflage, mountain camouflage

-This survival bracelet is a: Christmas gift, Birthday gift, School honors day gift, travel commemorative, business gifts, advertising promotions, anniversary celebrations, fairs, employee benefits

How to start a fire

Please refer the instructions on our packing

Pro Tip:
-If you make your survival bracelet the same size as your wrist, it will not fit

you need to add in some slack to allow for comfort rule of thumb is 3/4 inch

-Please keep away the kinds less than 5 years old

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Author: lesbar